Member Type
CHTA Membership Rights
  • 01 Enjoying the same rights and interests as company members do.
  • 02Enjoying three-hour annual meeting opportunities for face-to-face communication, communication and learning with the CHTA Advisory Committee.
  • 03Corporate leaders enjoy the opportunities of attending the annual conference held by CHTA as a guest speaker.
  • 04Presenting as a special member of the "CHTA Special Customization Enterprise" for special display on the CHTA official website and other marketing materials and activities.
CHTA Membership Rights
  • 01Employees of the company can enjoy various rights and interests of the individual members of the industry (the maximum number of registered individual members of the company is less than 100).
  • 02Enjoying free registration both for the CHTA Disruptive Future Travelers Conference and the Global Innovation Leaders Annual Meeting for one year. In case of more participants, the applicant can enjoy membership discount on the registration fee.
  • 03Enjoying the free promotion opportunities on the CHTA website and the WeChat platform twice a year.
  • 04Enjoying the right to participate preferentially in the conferences and exhibitions held by CHTA; enjoying membership discounts for the meeting sponsor and exhibition fee.
  • 05Free participation in the appraisal and selection of Disruptive award held by CHTA each year.
  • 06Free consulting services to promote business growth for member companies.
  • 07 Opportunity to participate in the CHTA working team to gain the opportunities of accessing the most advance